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Joshua Culling

Joshua E. Culling
Sessional Instructor
Office: L401

M.A, Concordia University of Edmonton, Edmonton
B.A, The King’s University College, Edmonton

Academic Interests and Specializations
Working several years with at-risk-youth and their families opened my eyes to the function of power within our society. It became clear to me that those individuals who had the most need to change society also had the least capacity (power) to do so. To date, my research interests have focused on the notion of power and engaging with the underlying convictions of power. I have pursued such an interest by bringing the works of Anabaptist Theologian John Howard Yoder into conversation with Continental Philosopher John D. Caputo. Such an investigation of power has ultimately lead me to focus on the relationship of power to the Christian concept of God.

Courses Regularly Taught
REL 101 Western Religious Traditions

Selected Publications and Presentations

Adam S. Miller, Speculative Grace: Bruno Latour and Object-oriented Theology (New York: Fordham University Press, 2013), Religious Studies and Theology 34.1, (June 2015).