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Gerald Krispin

Gerald Krispin
Professor Emeritus; President Emeritus of Concordia University of Edmonton

ThD, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
STM, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
MDiv, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon
BA, University of Alberta

Translation of: Streitige Frage — A Contentious Question: Whether the Godhead is truly known to some degree, or may indeed be known by human understanding without the revealed Word? (1619) by The Theological Faculty at Wittenberg translated by Rev. Dr. Elmer Hohle & Rev. Dr. Gerald Krispin. Preface by Rev. Daniel Preus (Texas: Repristination Press, 2003).

Translation of: Hermann Sasse, “The Century of the Prussian Church: In commemoration of Christmas 1834 in Honigern (1934)” in The lonely way : selected essays and letters by Hermann Sasse, translated by Matthew C. Harrison … [et al.] ; with historical introductions and a biographical sketch by Ronald R. Feuerhahn (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2002): 159-171.

Translation of: Werner R. A. Klan, “Eucharist and Ecclesiology: Marginal Comments Concerning the Inherent Coherence of the Theology of Hermann Sasse” in Lord Jesus Christ, will you not stay : essays in honour of Ronald Feuerhahn on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. Edited by J. Bart Day …[et al.] (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2002): 153-165.

The Christian Faith: A Biblical Introduction. Gerald Krispin and Russell Nelson. Edmonton: Pioneer Press, 1996; 3rd Revised and Expanded Edition 2002

“A Study in Luther’s Pastoral Theology,” LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology X:2 (Eastertide 2001), 13-19.

“What’s the Difference: Vocations,” The Canadian Lutheran 16:1 (January/February 2001), 13.

“Philip Jacob Spener and the Demise of the Practice of Holy Absolution in the Lutheran Church,” LOGIA :A Journal of Lutheran Theology VIII:4 (Reformation 1999), 9-18.

“Quantifiable Righteousness: Justification and Regeneration in Pietist Thought,” in Pietism and Lutheranism: The Pieper Lectures, vol. 3. (Concordia Historical Institute and the Luther Academy, 1999), 8-49.

“Response to Ronald Jones ‘Lived Faith: Theology and Ethics in the Sermon on the Mount.'” LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology VII:4 (Reformation 1998), 49-51.

“A Mirror of Life in the Face of Death: A Study in the Pastoral Care of Philip Nicolai.” LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology VII:2 (Eastertide 1998), 15-21

“True Lutheran Confessions,” The Canadian Lutheran, XI:1, (Jan/Feb 1996).

“Paul Gerhardt: Confessional Subscription and the Lord’s Supper,” LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology IV:3 (July 1995), 25-38.

Book Review of “Kurt Marquart, The Church and Her Fellowship, Ministry, and Governance, Vol IX of the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, Fort Wayne: The International Foundation for Lutheran Confessional Research, 1990), in Concordia Theological Quarterly Vol. 58:1 (January 1994).

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Co-Editor of the Festschrift: And Every Tongue Confess: Essays in Honor of Norman Nagel, edited by Gerald Krispin and Jon Vieker, Chalsea Michigan: The Nagel Festschrift Committee, 1990.

Translator of the following three articles in the above work:
“The Center of the Theology of Martin Luther,” Helmar Junghans.
“The Impact of Luther upon the History of the Church,” Manfred Roensch.
“Wilhelm Loehe and Confession: A Contribution to the History of Seelsorge and the Office of the Holy Ministry in Modern Lutheranism,” Martin Wittenberg

“Luther and the Consolation of the Resurrection,” Lutheran Theological Review, II:2 (Fall/Winter 1989).

“Baptism and Heilsgewissheit in the Theology of Martin Luther,” Concordia Journal, April 1987.