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Writing and Editing for Business

About this Certificate

Whether you are asked to write for the workplace, or just exploring creative writing aspirations, having the ability to deliver clear, concise material will save endless rewrite hours. With the Writing and Editing for Business course, revisit the basics of grammar, different writing styles and how to organize your thoughts for more effective writing.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XCOM 20008 – Grammar and Punctuation Essentials
    • Brush up on basic writing skills. Review parts of speech, grammar and common grammatical mistakes. Explore sentence parts including words, phrases and clauses. Understand punctuation and common punctuation mistakes such as capitalization, abbreviations and numbers. Discuss commonly misused and misspelled words.
  • XTBW 10013 – Effective Business Writing
    • Develop and refine your writing skills to meet the challenges of a professional workplace environment. Learn how to write clear, concise and dynamic emails, letters and reports with competence and ease. Review common grammatical mistakes, style principles, document design, and editing basics.
  • XCOM 20013 – Editing for Beginners
    • This course will introduce the fundamentals of editing, including why editing matters and how editing skills can be developed and refined. You will be introduced to the different kinds of editing (proofreading, copy editing, style editing and structural editing) and the skills and standards common to all editors. Through presentations, readings, assignment and practice, participants will gain an appreciation for what it takes to succeed as an editor.
  • XCOM 20002 – Editing Fundamentals
    • Discover the fundamentals of professional editing and the skills and standards common to all editors. Learn why editing matters and how editing skills can be developed and refined. Be introduced to different kinds of editing (copy editing, style editing and structural editing).

Program Hours: 50

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fees
(Plus GST)
XCOM 20008-0025018531 May 202112 Jul 202120 hrs$359.00
XTBW 10013-0027012212 Jul 202116 Aug 202115 hrs$429.00
XCOM 20013-002 Not offered this term
XCOM 20002-002701205 Jul 20219 Aug 202115 hrs$429.00

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