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Technical Writing

About the Technical Writing Certificate

The field of technical writing continues to experience rapid growth.  Businesses need technical writers who can combine the skills of effective communication with practical experience using the latest tools and technology. This program will provide students with experience developing reports, procedural manuals, training guides, design specifications, editing, online documents and various other communication forms.

The Technical Writing program is a recognized member of the Society of Technical Communication (STC).

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XTBW 10004 – Foundations of Technical Communication
  • XWOP 10011 – Advanced Microsoft Word for Writers and Editors
  • XTBW 10022 – Document Layout and Design
  • XTBW 10016 – Writing User Guides
  • XTBW 10017 – Preparing Policies and Procedures
  • XTBW 10023 – Editing Basics for Technical Documents
  • XTBW 10024 – Producing Software Specifications
  • XTBW 10025 – Site Architecture for Online Media
  • XTBW 10026 – Design and Authoring for Online Media
  • XTBW 10032 – Documentation Project Management

Optional Courses (Choose 22 hours):

  • XCOM 20008 – Grammar and Punctuation Essentials
  • XTBW 10013 – Effective Business Writing
  • XTBW 10028 – Creating Training Manuals
  • XCOM 20010 – Writing and Editing for Digital Media

Program Hours: 172

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse Fees
(Plus GST)
XTBW 10004-0029084108-Sep-202020-Oct-2020$449.00
XWOP 10011-0029085426-Oct-202030-Nov-2020$309.00
XTBW 10022-0029084509-Nov-202014-Dec-2020$429.00
XTBW 10016-0029084308-Sep-202013-Oct-2020$429.00
XTBW 10017-0029084419-Oct-202023-Nov-2020$429.00
XTBW 10023-0029084628-Sep-202002-Nov-2020$429.00
XTBW 10024-0029084705-Oct-202009-Nov-2020$429.00
XTBW 10025-0029084809-Nov-202014-Dec-2020$429.00
XTBW 10026-0029084921-Sep-202026-Oct-2020$429.00
XTBW 10032-0029085119-Oct-202016-Nov-2020$379.00

Optional Courses (Choose 22 hours)

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse Fees
(Plus GST)
XCOM 20008-0029085214-Sep-202026-Oct-2020$359.00
XTBW 10013-0029084214-Sep-202019-Oct-2020$429.00
XTBW 10028-0029085026-Oct-202009-Nov-2020$269.00
XCOM 20010-0029085326-Oct-202030-Nov-2020$309.00

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