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Technical Writing

About the Technical Writing Certificate

The field of technical writing continues to experience rapid growth.  Businesses need technical writers who can combine the skills of effective communication with practical experience using the latest tools and technology. This program will provide students with experience developing reports, procedural manuals, training guides, design specifications, editing, online documents and various other communication forms.

The Technical Writing program is a recognized member of the Society of Technical Communication (STC).

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XTBW 10004 – Foundations of Technical Communication
    • Explore the discipline of technical writing and enhance your writing techniques to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. Study the concepts involved in technical writing, including audience analysis, document organization, and grammar and writing skills to create clear, concise, correct and cohesive communications. Apply these through practical exercises.
  • XWOP 10011 – MS Word for Technical Writers and Editors
    • Develop intermediate skills to create professional looking documents. Learn how to use features and templates to create and format documents with more complex layouts, including styles, tables, pictures and objects, columns, numbering, headers and footers, tables of contents and templates.
  • XTBW 10022 – Creating Publications
    • Discover how the principles of page layout, typography and design can help you produce effective and readable technical documents. Put these principles into practice by designing technical documents using Microsoft Word®.
  • XTBW 10016 – Writing User Guides
    • Design and prepare effective user guides that enable the reader to successfully operate a product. Study and follow through the process of guide and manual creation using MS Word, including task and audience analysis, documentation standards, instruction writing and information organization.
  • XTBW 10017 – Preparing Policies and Procedures
    • Documenting effective policies and procedures has become a major focus for technical writers as quality standards like ISO 9000 emphasize their role in developing quality products and services. Students will examine the essential ingredients of policies and procedures and practice using these to prepare effective policies and procedures using MS Word.
  • XTBW 10023 – Editing for Technical Writers
    • Editing is a vital step in creating professional, accurate, and usable technical documentation. This course will discuss the role of the editor and the editing process, as well as examine the types of edits that documents can undergo. Various edit types will be learned through hands-on exercises.
  • XTBW 10024 – Producing Software Specifications
    • Functional requirements and design specifications are vital to any development or manufacturing project. Explore the role these and other technical documents play in developing a software product, and discover the elements they must have to describe a product properly using Use Cases and other specification documents. Prepare representative documents using MS Word.
  • XTBW 10025 – Site Architecture for Online Media
    • Digital media is redefining the way our world communicates, accesses information and shares ideas. According to online statistics, there are as many as 2 billion websites currently in operation throughout the world. With the explosion of social media and mobile technology in recent years, how users interact with those sites is changing on a regular basis, creating incredible new opportunities for website designers and content creators.
  • XTBW 10026 – Design and Authoring for Online Media
    • Discover how to author pages that are organized, readable, easily comprehended and credible. Apply these skills while authoring pages using a combination of XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) within a managed environment. Information websites, online help and Intranets are prevalent in the business and technology world. Review the benefits and challenges, and examine and practice the skills necessary to author pages.
  • XTBW 10032 – Project Management for Technical Writers
    • This course will focus on the skills required by technical writers to independently manage their documentation projects. Focus will be given to documentation projects as they relate to the four stages of project management: initiating and planning, developing and executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. This course will also explore the relationship between the technical writer and the subject matter expert.
  • XTBW 10033 – Creating Training Manuals and User Guides
    • Learn to design and prepare effective training materials and user guides to train or explain concepts to your readers. Learn the process of creation through the use of MS Word, including defining characteristics, task analysis, visual instructions, the cognitive learning model and elements of instruction.
  • XTBW 10013 – Effective Business Writing
    • Are your writing skills holding back your career because you struggle to express yourself clearly, concisely and efficiently? Review and apply the principles of effective writing and revising. Learn how to create powerful workplace documents including emails, letters and reports that achieve the results you want. Review the basic design principles and survey professional editing techniques.

Program Hours: 140

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fees
(Plus GST)
XTBW 10004-0025003317 May 2021 5 Jul 202120 hrs$449.00
XWOP 10011-002701915 Jul 20219 Aug 202115 hrs$309.00
XTBW 10022-002701806 Jul 202116 Aug 202120 hrs$449.00
XTBW 10016-002Not offered this term
XTBW 10017-002Not offered this term
XTBW 10023-002501907 Jun 202112 Jul 202115 hrs$429.00
XTBW 10024-002Not offered this term
XTBW 10025-002Not offered this term
XTBW 10026-002Not offered this term
XTBW 10032-002Not offered this term
XTBW 10033-002Not offered this term
XTBW 10013-0027012212 Jul 202116 Aug 202115 hrs$429.00

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