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Strategic Management

Strategic Management is the management of an organization’s people, practices and resources to meet its business goals and align with its external environment.

Master the tools and tactics to formulate, plan, execute and measure the success of a business strategy with our Strategic Management courses. This hands-on, collaborative program gives you the opportunity to interact with other professionals from a range of backgrounds, including managers, entrepreneurs, business consultants, public-sector professionals and non-profit leaders.

Delve into key topics such as decision making, performance tracking, strategy execution and fostering innovation. Get practical management strategies, techniques and insights to facilitate your strategic thinking and planning abilities. Explore ways that you can foster, manage and sustain innovation for organizational growth and success.

Learn practical tools and techniques so you can successfully implement your strategic plan for a competitive advantage. Gain skills in how to use appropriate metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to inform decision making, evaluate performance and achieve your business objectives in a competitive environment. You also learn how leadership, culture and change management impacts the effective implementation of your corporate strategy.


  • Online delivery
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Learn from experienced industry professionals
  • Develop your personal and professional skills
  • Earn a recognized credential

Program Format

  • 5 required courses (75 hours)
  • Can be completed in 8 months or up to 3 years

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses

  • XSMG 10001 – Strategic Planning
    • Discover how to help your organization create a blueprint to achieve business objectives by acquiring practical strategies, techniques, and insights to facilitate strategic thinking and planning.
  • XSMG 10006 – Strategic Innovation
    • Explore ways to foster, manage, and sustain innovation for organizational growth and success. Identify untapped opportunities and areas of your business or organization where strategic innovation is needed, and apply techniques and strategies to lead successful innovation initiatives.
  • XSMG 10002 – Strategy Execution
    • Explore practical tools and techniques to successfully implement your strategic plan by identifying and analyzing key indicators that support strategic decision-making, evaluating the strategy execution process through diverse operations, and weaving strategy into everyday business practice.
  • XSMG 10004 – Measuring and Evaluating Business Performance
    • Learn to design and use appropriate metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to inform decision making, evaluate performance and achieve business objectives. Improve the success of strategic initiatives by effectively communicating performance results and issues.
  • XLEA 10002 – Leaders, Culture, and Change
    • Explore leadership and culture as two sides of the same coin by examining the leader’s role in building high engagement and performance cultures. Discover specific strategies and techniques for managing change, including appreciative inquiry, strategic planning and employee engagement. Learn how exemplary leaders use the power of shared vision and instill hope for a better future.

Course Schedule

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XSMG 10001Not offered this term
XSMG 10006Not offered this term
XSMG 10002Not offered this term
XSMG 10004Not offered this term
XLEA 10002Not offered this term