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Social Media for Business

Social media enables organizations and brands to communicate with customers, share content, and create online communities in order to meet marketing and business goals.

Become an active, collaborative social media contributor, and drive results in line with your business objectives with our Social Media for Business courses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your online presence or are responsible for managing social media accounts in your organization, the skills and knowledge you gain will help you create conversations with your target audience. Establish a foundation for success through the principles of social media, the fundamentals of branding and building online communities.

Create a practical and effective social media strategy, supported by objectives, target market profiles, engagement maps, and content development frameworks. Explore current case studies to increase your knowledge. Acquire advanced, in-demand digital marketing skills to build an online community using social media content.

Learn to locate, manipulate, and analyze data using social media channels. Create effective, targeted and cost-effective digital marketing content aligned with broader business goals across a range of social platforms. Gain practical experience using Google Analytics so you can objectively measure and demonstrate the performance and value of your online marketing efforts.


  • Online delivery
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Prepare for a career as a social media strategist, coordinator or manager
  • Learn from experienced industry professionals
  • Earn a recognized credential

Program Format

  • 4 required courses (54 hours)
  • Can be completed in 4 months or up to 3 years

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses

  • XCSP 10017 – Foundations of Social Media for Business
    • Learn to leverage the power of digital word-of-mouth networks by strategically using the tools and functions of popular social media platforms to meet marketing goals. Employ content strategies to efficiently create engaging content for audiences while using risk mitigation and crisis management tactics to address social media challenges.
  • XCSP 10018 – Social Media Strategy
    • Discover how to create a practical and effective social media strategy by developing social media objectives, advanced target market profiles, engagement maps and content development frameworks. You will gain a framework approach that is effective regardless of the channels used.
  • XCSP 10019 – Online Community Engagement
    • Acquire advanced, in-demand digital marketing skills to build an authentic and powerful online community. Discover the role of a Community Manager, identify content contributors and create a content calendar to manage multiple social channels. You will also learn to identify and partner with champions, ambassadors and influencers within the community to establish brand allegiance.
  • XCSP 10056 – Digital Marketing Measurement
    • Learn to locate, manipulate and analyze data using popular social media channels — such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — to enable effective, targeted and cost-effective digital marketing aligned with broader business goals. You will gain practical experience using Google Analytics to objectively measure the performance of online marketing efforts, including important indicators such as awareness, attention, reach and influence.

Course Schedule

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