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Project Management in Construction

About this Certificate

Manage construction projects with the expertise you gain in this certificate program tailored specifically for the needs of this demanding industry. Acquire a solid base of knowledge and project management tools, techniques, approaches and best practices as they relate to construction.

Gain specialized knowledge and skills in courses created especially for the industry. These skills are valuable in every aspect of construction through the application of proven project management processes. The program is designed for those with experience in construction management environments who want to acquire project management tools and techniques.

Courses are based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – Sixth Edition (PMBOK® Guide), with content tailored to the needs of the construction industry.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Important Notice: Program Suspension

Effective December 2022, the Project Management Construction Extension Certificate program will be suspended. 

Current students must complete all remaining required courses between September and December 2022 in order to receive an extension certificate. After December 2022, these courses will no longer be offered. 

Required courses:

  • XPRM 20024 – Construction Project Management: An Overview
    • Managing construction projects requires unique industry experience, understanding and skill set for the project manager to be successful. Performance levels expected of project managers in construction can be quite different to other industries. In this course participants will appraise basic industry concepts and requirements, and further determine basic skill, knowledge and administration requirements expected in today’s construction industry. Participants will have the opportunity to apply these techniques and tools to basic project examples throughout the course. Further, this course will set the stage for the remaining five courses in this extension certificate.
  • XPRM 20025 – Construction Project Scheduling
    • Effective project scheduling and time management are critical factors in the success (or failure) of a construction project. The development of rigorous project schedules, and the ability to effectively assess the adequacy of a developed schedule is an important responsibility of today’s construction project manager. This course provides learners with the tools and information required to efficiently and effectively schedule construction projects with confidence and rigour, and will also demonstrate the definitive benefits of having effective project scheduling methodology in place.
  • XPRM 20026 – Construction Project Administration and Control Systems
    • Project managers have the ultimate responsibility for successful delivery of projects in construction. As a project manager it is critical to have in place appropriate and rigorous administrative controls to be able to understand, appraise, react and rectify projects that are out of control. To do this, the project manager must apply appropriate control systems throughout the project life cycle. In this course participants will explore the skills and techniques required of the project manager to navigate through all phases of the construction project, from inception through to completion.
  • XPRM 20028 – Construction Project Management: Time, Cost and Scope
    • Construction projects are both rewarding and challenging. Project managers can always use new techniques for managing construction project constraints, e.g. time, cost and scope. Successfully managing the constraints of a construction project are essential for the success of a project manager in the construction industry. In this course participants will examine what is involved in setting up project metrics, providing accurate forecasts and prioritizing project scope for construction projects.
  • XPRM 20027 – Construction Project Safety and Environmental Management
    • With ever-increasing complex construction designs, techniques and materials, today’s construction projects can have significant safety and environmental impact to site personnel, surrounding locale and the general public. The construction industry has a responsibility to be both safety and environmentally conscientious through all phases of the construction process, extending through the lifetime of the constructed entity, to its eventual demolition and disposal. In this course participants will appraise current safety legislation and industry’s implementation of controls to satisfy these regulations. This course will also review current industry requirements and practices when considering environmental factors.
  • XPRM 20029 – Construction Project Management: Leadership and Management Skills
    • In the construction industry, it is important for project managers to be both a manager and a leader. This industry is traditionally based on a transient workforce and this must be accommodated in the style and techniques used by the project manager when leading the project. This course will examine the attributes of leaders and managers in the construction industry needed to be most effective. This course will also examine current leadership theory while distinguishing between leadership and management as well as examine what good project managers do to make project teams want to follow. Participants will discuss how these attributes can be applied and integrated into day-to-day construction project management. Participants will also learn how to create a shared vision, foster team collaboration and create shared leadership when managing projects in the construction industry.

Program Hours: 90

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberCourse Format*Start DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fees
(Plus GST)
XPRM 2002490286Live, online
12 Sep 2022 10 Oct 202215 hrs$579.00
XPRM 2002590290Online17 Oct 202214 Nov 202215 hrs$579.00
XPRM 2002690289Online14 Nov 202212 Dec 202215 hrs$579.00
XPRM 2002890288Online26 Sep 202224 Oct 202215 hrs$579.00
XPRM 2002790291Online24 Oct 202221 Nov 202215 hrs$579.00
XPRM 2002990287Online7 Nov 20225 Dec 202215 hrs$579.00


You will use Google Suite (Google Classroom, Google Meets) to participate in this live, online class. You will need to access the class through a laptop or desktop computer that has a functional webcam and microphone. A reliable Internet connection is required. Google Chrome browser is recommended for best results.  

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