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Nonprofit Management

About the Certificate

Gain a thorough understanding of the non-profit sector and board governance in Canada, and discover strategies for building successful partnerships and alliances. Learn from experienced non-profit professionals who work and teach in their fields of expertise and acquire relevant skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

Courses will focus on unique leadership skills for non-profit managers, financial management skills, people management in a volunteer environment, marketing, government relations, fundraising, and legal requirements and governance.

There are approximately 150,000 charities and non-profit organizations in Canada employing nearly a million people. These non-profit organizations have a significant impact on our communities and our economy, and those employed in the sector have a strong need for skills to meet its unique challenges.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XNPC 20008 – Introduction to Nonprofit Management
    • Non-profit organizations make a significant contribution to our communities and to our economy. Explore the history, magnitude, issues, trends and challenges that affect the sector, with emphasis on leadership and management skills.
  • XNPC 20009 – Keys to Managing Nonprofit Organizations I: Strategic Management
    • Examine the fundamentals of strategic management and explore various approaches to strategic planning. Analyze the impact of your organization’s mission and vision when developing and meeting long-term objectives. Gain an understanding of the role of organizational leadership, culture, complexity and mobilizing resources for change.
  • XNPC 20012 – Program Planning and Evaluation for the Nonprofit Sector
    • Explore program planning and assessment principles currently used in the non-profit sector. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create new programs and initiatives in a non-profit organization by creating a plan for a new program from the research stage through evaluation.
  • XNPC 20011 – Introduction to Voluntarism in the Nonprofit Sector
    • Volunteers donate over one billion hours to charities each year, a value of over $14 billion to Canada’s economy. It is imperative for non-profit organizations to manage this valuable resource effectively. Find out how to plan an effective volunteer program, motivate volunteers, provide meaningful volunteer job development, and recruit, select and train volunteers.
  • XNPC 20010 – Board Governance in the Nonprofit Sector
    • To govern well, boards must understand their work and develop effective, well-thought-out processes that keep the board focused on its work while respecting the roles and responsibilities of the organization’s staff. Examine these issues and investigate various board models and structures, roles of external stakeholders and board fiduciary responsibilities.
  • XNPC 20015 – Fund Development and Corporate Philanthropy
    • Look at fundraising from both a non-profit and a private sector perspective. From the non-profit perspective, discuss how to raise funds. On the corporate side, discuss how to create programs that provide funding.
  • XNPC 20013 – Ethical Issues in the Nonprofit Sector
    • Ethics-based decision making is critical to the long-term success of a non-profit organization. Explore various ways to approach ethical issues and different ethical decision-making tactics that can be applied to a non-profit organization, helping to ensure its success.
  • XNPC 20014 – Law for the Nonprofit Sector
    • It is vital that non-profit managers understand the legal responsibilities of the organization. Examine a broad range of legal issues, including the laws of trust, contract law, tax law, and human resource laws. Explore a risk management process that has direct application to non-profit organizations.

Optional courses (choose 2):

  • XNPC 20007 – Marketing and Public Relations in the Nonprofit Sector
    • Gain insight into marketing and public relations as they relate to the goals and objectives of non-profit organizations. This course provides opportunities for networking and small group discussion, and you are expected to develop a marketing and public relations plan for a non-profit organization.
  • XNPC 20016 – Keys to Managing Nonprofit Organizations II: Roles and Responsibilities
    • Examine the management functions in non-profit organizations and identify different strategies for managing them. Learn to recognize the importance of major stakeholders and how to maintain relationships with them and discover the role of transaction and exchange when managing stakeholders.
  • XNPC 20018 – Financial Basics: Keeping it Simple for Nonprofit Managers
    • Examine non-profit financial management including the accounting cycle, budgeting process and financial management tools. Use case studies to examine the financial relationship between non-profit organizations and government.

Program Hours: 150

Course Schedule

Required Courses:

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XNPC 200089029312 Sep 202210 Oct 202215 hrs$399.00
XNPC 20008 904237 Nov 20225 Dec 2022 15 hrs $399.00
XNPC 200099029426 Sep 202224 Oct 202215 hrs$399.00
XNPC 20012 90295 26 Sep 202224 Oct 2022 15 hrs $399.00
XNPC 20011902977 Nov 20225 Dec 2022 15 hrs $399.00
XNPC 200109029617 Oct 202214 Nov 202215 hrs$399.00
XNPC 200159030021 Nov 202219 Dec 2022 15 hrs $399.00
XNPC 200139029803 Oct 202231 Oct 2022 15 hrs $399.00
XNPC 200149029914 Nov 202212 Dec 2022 15 hrs $399.00

Optional Courses (choose 2):

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XNPC 20007 Not offered this term
XNPC 20016Not offered this term
XNPC 200189042524 Oct 202221 Nov 202215 hrs$399.00

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