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Marketing and Strategic Communications

Marketing and strategic communications is the process of advertising, promoting, communicating, selling, and distributing a product to a customer.

Gain practical, hands-on exposure to the latest marketing and communication strategies. Dive into tactics and best practices in the marketing field, including word of mouth marketing, social media, content marketing, and integrated marketing communications. Developed and taught by industry experts, this program provides you with current, in-demand knowledge and skills to inform strategic communication plans and marketing decisions.

Learn contemporary marketing and strategic communication fundamentals by examining key principles and concepts. Gain an understanding of emerging tools and trends while exploring the role of today’s marketing professional. Experience practical learning in digital marketing research, including online research methods and tools for gathering and analyzing data, keyword search, customer profiling and database research.

Using case studies and practical real-world exercises, examine characteristics of great brands, and learn to design and execute a brand strategy and reach communication goals. Develop a strategic content marketing strategy and create effective content for target audiences via various channels, including print and web, infographics, and e-mail.


  • Online delivery
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Prepare for a career as a marketing strategist, co-ordinator or manager
  • Learn from experienced industry professionals
  • Develop your personal and professional skills
  • Earn a recognized credential
  • This program is eligible towards Blue Seal Certification

Program Format

  • 7 required courses (102 hours)
  • Can be completed in 8 months or up to 3 years

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses

  • XCSP 10017 – Foundations of Social Media for Business
    • Learn to leverage the power of digital word-of-mouth networks by strategically using the tools and functions of popular social media platforms to meet marketing goals. Employ content strategies to efficiently create engaging content for audiences while using risk mitigation and crisis management tactics to address social media challenges.
  • XMKT 20006 – Marketing and Strategic Communications
    • Examine key principles, concepts, emerging trends, opportunities and the evolving role of today’s marketing professional. You will use real world examples and relevant tools and templates to apply course concepts in marketing strategy, branding, customer experience, digital and social media and content marketing.
  • XMKT 20005 – Brand Strategy
    • Explore the key tactics and strategies behind many of today’s most successful brands. You will use current cases and practical exercises to gain the in-depth knowledge and practical skills needed to develop and execute a successful brand strategy.
  • XMKT 20004 – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
    • Examine the key components of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), including research, planning, organizing, budgeting, managing and evaluating marketing communication plans. Learn how to build a brand by developing a strategic, integrated marketing plan, creating relationships, reaching target markets and measuring results. Use communication tools to develop an IMC plan on any budget.
  • XMKT 20002 – Digital Marketing Research
    • Use real world examples and case studies to explore various online research methods and tools for gathering, organizing and analyzing data to support marketing efforts. Examine the importance of understanding consumer needs, behaviour and trends and how to align research objectives with business goals. Learn techniques for research design, keyword searches, database research, online surveys and customer segmentation.
  • XMKT 20003 – Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)
    • Discover the strength and competitive advantages positive word-of-mouth can bring to a company. Examine powerful brands and companies that have grown via word-of-mouth through compelling real-world case studies. Learn how you can leverage customers who choose to share engaging content with friends, family and followers online.
  • XMKT 20001 – Content Marketing Strategy
    • Develop and deliver an effective content marketing strategy by creating, repurposing and curating different types of content across numerous media channels. Learn how to present the right content to the right audience, at the right time and on the right channels from case examples and current best practices. Explore how using engaging content promotes brand awareness and builds loyal communities

Course Schedule

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XCSP 10017Not offered this term
XMKT 20006Not offered this term
XMKT 20005Not offered this term
XMKT 20004 Not offered this term
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XMKT 20003Not offered this term
XMKT 20001 Not offered this term