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Information for the CUE Community

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Machine Learning is the field of study that provides computers with the ability to learn without being specifically programmed.

Artificial Intelligence make is possible for machines to learn from experience, make adjustments and react like humans.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

In this intensive bootcamp, learn the computer programming language “Python,” and various related tools, and how to apply skills learned for Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects.

You’ll gain in-demand programming skills that will allow you entry into the world of machine learning, AI and deep data analytics. Techniques learned in this program will allow you to use data sources to make informed decisions that yield real improvements in growth, efficiency, and cost-savings across all industry sectors.

Course Overview

Week 1: Fundamentals of Python Development
Week 2: Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning
Week 3: Classification Models
Week 4: Regression Models
Week 5: Clustering Models
Week 6: Artificial Neural Networks
Week 7: Introduction to Deep Learning
Week 8: Advanced Deep Learning
Week 9: Capstone Project
Week 10: Learn to Earn – Freelancer & Employment Services

Invest in your future

Weeks 1-8:
15 hrs/wk with Teaching Assistant in-class
15 hrs/wk online, self-paced on Bootcamp platform

For Week 9 (Project week):
25 hrs in-class working on project with Teaching Assistant availability
25 hrs online, self-paced work on project, access to RoboGarden online Teaching Assistant

For Week 10 (Learn to Earn):
25 hrs access to Experts providing services

Cost: $7,995 + GST

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