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Event Management

About the Certificate

Prepare for a career in event management with the skills you need to manage events of all sizes. Gain practical skills and professional knowledge to successfully organize, promote and execute any type of event.

The Event Management program is a recognized member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA)

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XEVT 10011 – Introduction to Event Planning
    • Be introduced to the art and science of event management in this overview of the certificate program. Gain an overview of the event industry and its associations and designations. Discuss various types of events, the 5-phase approach to event planning and the core competencies of event planners.
  • XEVT 20001 – Resource Management for Event Planning
    • Event planning involves awareness of who the intended audience is, what the event consists of, where and when the event is held and why the event is being held. Clearly comprehending the goals and objectives of the event and the needs and desires of the stakeholders provides a basis for ongoing decision-making and successful management of the event.
  • XEVT 20002 – Event Logistics
    • Event logistics provide the opportunity to plan how attendees get to the event, what they do at the event and how they leave the event. Managing the logistics of multiple components of the event requires organizational skills and the ability to attend to detail while maintaining the big picture.
  • XEVT 20003 – Event Risk Management
    • Identify the best ways of preventing and reducing loss to ensure that your event is conducted in the safest possible manner. Find out about permits, licenses and insurance, legal issues and bylaws, contract negotiation, protocol, and national and international considerations. Effective planning can and does reduce risk.
  • XEVT 20004 – Event Marketing
    • The success of your event is measured by the participation of its target audience. Effective event marketing includes strategy, timing and evaluation components, all critical to the event’s success. Differentiate between revenue-generating, fundraising, cost-recovery and marketing events. Develop a comprehensive event marketing plan, and identify and develop sponsorship opportunities.
  • XEVT 20005 – Event Production
    • Event production requires the involvement of a variety of experts, including sound, lighting, special effects, audiovisual and more. Differentiate between an event timeline, a production schedule and production scripts. Acquire an understanding of common terminology and learn to assess technical requirements in order to have meaningful negotiations, discussions and event execution with all vendors.
  • XEVT 20006 – Event Management: Final Project
    • Review and apply the concepts, elements and processes of event planning. Use real-life examples to integrate your knowledge of the multiple components of successful events. Each student is required to submit a final project outlining specific components of a detailed event plan.

Program Hours: 174

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XEVT 10011-0033046818 Jan 20217 Feb 202115 hrs$299.00
XEVT 10011-005304698 Mar 202128 Mar 202115 hrs$299.99
XEVT 20001-002304718 Feb 202114 Mar 202130 hrs$395.00
XEVT 20002-0023047222 Mar 202125 Apr 202130 hrs$395.00
XEVT 20003-0023047318 Jan 202121 Feb 202130 hrs$395.00
XEVT 20004-002304741 Mar 20216 Apr 202130 hrs$395.00
XEVT 20005-002304758 Feb 202114 Mar 202130 hrs$395.00
XEVT 20006-0023047625 Jan 202128 Feb 20219 hrs$335.00
XEVT 20006-0043047715 Mar 202118 Apr 20219 hrs$335.00

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