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Curriculum Development and Instructional Design

About the Certificate

Advance your skill-set and develop practical and theoretical knowledge as an educator while you gain the skills to design and analyze course curriculum in your field of expertise.

Apply the principles of instructional design to create a customized project that demonstrates your ability to write effective learning outcome statements, design assessment and instructional strategies, integrate media, and evaluate and revise curriculum.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XCDA 10001 – Principles of Instructional Design
    • Explore instructional design principles, characteristics of adult learners and their implications in designing an effective instructional program. Apply information about learning styles to the design of instructional learning outcomes. Write clear and concise performance outcomes and competencies in order to direct instructional design.
  • XCDA 10002 – Designing Assessment Strategies
    • Discover how to design student assignments and investigate strategies to assess student performance. Link learning outcomes with assessment and apply Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATS). Create a rubric to assess project learning outcomes. Practice designing an effective student assignment.
  • XCDA 10003 – Designing Instructional Strategies
    • Apply the principles of instructional design to link learning outcomes. Map these outcomes with learning activities using an outcome matrix. Apply the principles of Dynamics of Group Development to the instructional design of learning activities. Design instructional learning activities for class, unit and module delivery of instruction.
  • XCDA 10007 – Media Trends in Instructional Design
    • Focus on the use of instructional technology and media trends used in the production of classroom, blended and fully online courses. Compare current uses of technology with future trends. Build on the foundations of the ADDIE model.
  • XCDA 10008 – Curriculum Template Design
    • Apply the ADDIE model through the development of a course module. Gain an overview of the foundations of technical writing and use concepts and components covered in previous courses to prepare a course module using a development template.
  • XCDA 10009 – Curriculum Implementation and Evaluation
    • Continue explorations of the ADDIE model of instructional design by implementing and using peer and instructor evaluation to refine the course. Learn to design training for instructors and learners, explore processes for collecting and analyzing feedback, revise instructional design and report pilot results.

Program Hours: 90

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XCDA 100013039114 Jan 202213 Feb 202215 hrs$405.00
XCDA 100023039225 Feb 202227 Mar 202215 hrs$405.00
XCDA 100033039314 Jan 202213 Feb 202215 hrs$405.00
XCDA 10003303948 Apr 20228 May 202215 hrs$405.00
XCDA 100073039525 Feb 202227 Mar 202215 hrs$405.00 
XCDA 10008303968 Apr 20228 May 202215 hrs$405.00
XCDA 10009-002Not offered this term

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