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Addiction Studies

About the Addiction Studies program

Enhance your understanding of current addiction approaches and trends with this Addiction Studies program. Learn about the issues of prevention, treatment, youth, physical and psychological addiction, mental health and family dynamics.

This comprehensive online program is designed for professionals and para-professionals in the human service field as well as those interested in addiction studies.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required Courses:

  • XADD 10010 – Addiction Studies: Overview
    • Gain an understanding of several topics related to addiction, including theories and models of substance abuse, indicators of dependence, and intervention and treatment strategies. Examine the stages of change model, motivational interviewing and its application to the addictions field. An overview of the other courses in the program including adolescents, prevention, family and drugs will also be covered.
  • XADD 10011 – Drugs and the Brain
    • Acquire basic knowledge of drug classification systems and their physiological effects. Examine drug dependence, tolerance, withdrawal, methods of administration and motivating factors for drug use. Topics include simple pharmacology and biological factors of the recovery process.
  • XADD 10012 – Addiction and the Family
    • Examine the nature and structure of families, and the potential impacts on the family unit and individual family members when a family member has an addiction. An introduction to how families influence and are influenced by addiction, the power of the family in recovery, and current recommendations for best practices will be reviewed.
  • XADD 10013 – Understanding Adolescents and Addiction
    • Work towards understanding adolescents and the unique considerations for this age group and addiction. Examine the biological, cognitive and social development of adolescents. Consider substance use and abuse through the adolescent lens, and learn more about the important considerations for treatment and intervention with this population.
  • XADD 10014 – Addiction and Concurrent Mental Health Disorders
    • Gain skills and knowledge to better identify and understand people with concurrent disorders. Examine the prevalence of concurrent disorders and learn about the most commonly assessed mental health and addiction related issues. Explore assessment, treatment and recovery issues for the individual who is dealing with recovery from concurrent disorders.
  • XADD 10015 – Addiction Prevention
    • Prevention programs are designed to prevent or reduce the risk of developing substance abuse problems. Examine models and critical success factors of prevention programming, health promotion and harm reduction.

Program Hours: 120

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XADD 10010-0025017610 May 20216 Jun 202120 hrs$395.00
XADD 10010-004Not offered this term
XADD 10011-0027011719 Jul 202115 Aug 202120 hrs$395.00
XADD 10012-002Not offered this term
XADD 10013-0027011926 Jul 202122 Aug 202120 hrs$395.00
XADD 10014-0025017817 May 202113 Jun 202120 hrs$395.00
XADD 10015-0025018014 Jun 202111 Jul 202120 hrs$395.00

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