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CIAR Director’s Statement

CIAR Director’s Statement

I am delighted to serve on as the inaugural Director for the Centre for Innovation and Applied Research (CIAR). My vision for the Centre is to put Concordia on the map as the university that specializes in research that enhances the community.

In conjunction with the Manager, Isha Katyal, I will strive to identify areas of opportunity and facilitate relationships between community industries and Concordia researchers. In short, I will do the best of my ability to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Leading the strategic plan for the research institute to ensure that the institute’s objectives are aligned with the university’s Strategic Plan objectives
  • Working effectively with Concordia Faculty to identify research interests/projects to align with industry needs; overseeing the proper discharge of administrative duties of the research institute including supervising personnel, financial management, and operations
  • Working effectively with the research institute’s governance committee
  • Pursuing the equity goals of the university in the operations of the research institute
  • Managing the research plan effectively and efficiently, ensuring that accepted standards of research and ethical behaviour are met; managing the space needs of the research institute in cooperation with appropriate university authorities
  • Representing the interests of the research institute internally with senior academic administration; enhancing the reputation of the research institute and the university by undertaking quality research and relating that research to the community
  • Encouraging and supporting the raising of funds for research conducted by the research institute, capital and operating funds, including cooperation with the Alumni and Development Department’s fundraising initiatives

 As we embark on the exciting and new venture, I will seek your support.

  -Dr. Patrick Kamau