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BMO-CIAR Facility Rental

The BMO Centre for Innovation and Applied Research is designed to build and strengthen connections with business, industry and government. 

Therefore, we not only collaborate on research activities, we also offer the use of our state-of-the-art facilities for rent.

Facilities available include:

Space Sq. ft. Description
Private office*    
   125B 161.5 3 person
   125C 129.2 2 person
   125D 96.9 2 person
   125E 96.9 2 person
Lab* 957 Includes usage of fumehood, fridge and freezer
Virtual office N/A Corporate mailing address and mailbox
Virtual office plus N/A Corporate mailing address; mailbox; 4 hours of meeting room/AW125 access per month
Co-working space 1 spot 1 reserved spot in AW125; 2 hours for meeting room or AW125 per month; internet

*includes locked cabinets; 24/7 access to the building; internet; custodial, utilities, security, furniture (desk and chair)

If you would like further information about the rental of these facilities, please contact Dr. Isha Katyal, Manager, BMO-CIAR at isha.katyal@concordia.ab.ca.