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COVID-19 Information for the CUE Community

Reporting absences and alternative attendance

If you have been advised to self-isolate by Alberta Health Services (AHS), or if you share a household with someone who has been advised to self-isolate, you are expected to do likewise, unless advised otherwise by AHS.


  • Students who are sick and students who have been advised by AHS to self-isolate should contact their instructor as per usual, and refer to the university’s attendance regulations for assistance with missed examinations and assignments.
  • Medical notes are not required at this time.


  • Employees who have been advised by AHS or their physician to self-isolate are required to phone their supervisor to notify them of their absence. This measure is being taken to protect the safety of all members of the community.
  • If a member of your household is required to self-isolate, please advise your supervisor.
  • All members of the university community (students, employees, visitors) who share a household with an individual who is self-isolating due to a reasonable risk of exposure to COVID-19 are expected to do likewise unless advised otherwise by AHS.
  • University employees are expected to discuss the situation with their supervisor and make alternate arrangements, such as telecommuting, to the extent possible.