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CUE’s Response to COVID-19

CUE’s administration has developed a comprehensive, detailed, and practical plan of action for the university for the COVID-19 situation. Three levels of response have been identified.

Response level 1: Risk of outbreak but no current hazard to individuals.
CUE actions: Preparedness stage

  • Assign institutional leads for various continuity of operations functions.

  • Continuity of operations plans are developed (Emergency management, risk management and insurance, communications, student services, residence life, campus security, staff wellness, HR, IT, academic planning, etc.).

  • Necessary supplies are purchased for protection of individuals and sanitation (i.e. hand washing, respiratory protection).

  • Identify essential employees who would continue to work on campus in the event of a pandemic.

  • Establish COVID-19 information website.

  • Pre-planning contact with department of advanced education, department of health, Alberta disaster services, medical officer of health, public health officers, hospitals, and health clinics as required.

  • All offices are open for business.

  • Classes are in session.

  • All employees report to work as usual.

  • Social distancing practices may be employed as deemed appropriate.

  • Isolation or quarantine of small populations as required by Public Health guidelines.

  • International travel restricted to regions deemed risk levels 1 or 2 on Government of Canada Travel Advisories.

  • International visitors from regions deemed risk levels 3 or 4 due to COVID-19 on Government of Canada Travel Advisories not permitted on campus.
Response level 2: Increased hazard to students, faculty, and staff.

  • Morbidity/ mortality/ transmissibility at levels that meet or exceed normal high levels of typical seasonal influenza.

  • Escalation of cases of COVID-19 documented in the Edmonton region, but none reported on campus or in the CUE community.

  • Public health authorities urge to prepare for social distancing.
CUE Actions: Active stage:

  • Crisis Management Team is operating.

  • Crisis Management Team monitors Canada Health, Alberta Department of Health, CDC updates and planning guidelines.

  • Crisis communication plan fully activated.

  • Implement infection control protocols including separation of workspaces, hand sanitizers, etc.

  • Self-isolation and social distancing encouraged.

  • Academic departments adjust to accommodate instruction of all students.

  • Prepare for possible evacuation of residence buildings.

  • Cancellation of public events, including music, drama, and athletics events.

  • Students are not expected on campus, but are to study at home.

  • Only essential offices are open for business.

  • Classes have moved to distance delivery.

  • All employees report to work as usual, but staff not required to be on-campus may be encouraged to work from home.

  • Social distancing practices are to be employed.

  • Isolation or quarantine of small populations as required by Public Health guidelines.

  • International business travel is not permitted at this time.

  • International visitors who have not self-isolated for 14 days previous are not permitted on campus at this time.

  • Students and employees returning from international destinations MUST self-isolate for 14 days.
Response level 3: Active Outbreak

  • Significant hazard to students, faculty and staff.

  • Morbidity/ Mortality/ Transmissibility at levels exceeding highest levels of typical seasonal influenza on campus or in community.

  • Cases of COVID-19 infecting members of the CUE community.

  • Public Health Authority recommends cancelling public activities, classes, and/or school closure.

  • Public emergency may be declared.

  • Employee absenteeism 25%>
CUE Actions:

  • Emergency command system operating.

  • Activation of essential employees.

  • Crisis communication plan continues.

  • Support structure is in place for ill students who remain on campus.

  • HR provides support for mandatory employees, staffing support, and benefits support for ill employees.

  • Critical information is communicated to families of students.

  • IT provides support for people who remain at work and those who are at home.

  • Business office continues to process receivables, and payables.

  • HR continues to process payroll.

  • Campus is closed and sanitized.

  • Only students without alternatives remain in Residence. Remaining students move to single rooms in Founders Hall and practice physical distancing. Enhanced sanitization techniques are implemented in Residence.

  • All but essential employees work at home, take leave, etc. Employees must not report to campus for work.

  • Arrangements for full off-campus delivery of classes and/or exams are implemented, or classes are postponed and suspended where this is not possible.

  • All international and domestic travel is suspended.

  • Visits from all domestic and international visitors are cancelled