Counselling Services

Student Services

During your time at CUE, you will encounter many new and exciting situations to which you easily and confidently adapt.

However, you may also have times when you experience doubt, indecision, or stress. Complicated relationships with friends or family can adversely affect your concentration; the high expectations of university study often feel overwhelming; and sometimes life just seems to throw everything at you all at once.

CUE's counsellors are here for you whenever you need someone to turn to for advice or just talk with.

Dr. Barbara van Ingen, R. Psych, coordinates Counselling Services that you can access for free.

Personal Counselling

Students who come for counseling are usually seeking more effective and rewarding lives. Counselling services are primarily short term and include opportunities for individual, couples, and group counselling to assist students with mental health, academic and/or other personal concerns that are interfering with positive life experiences.

Make an appointment with a Counsellor through the Student Life & Learning office:
By phone: 780.479.9241
Or email:

If you are experiencing an immediate crisis, please come directly to the Student Life & Learning office in HA114, the Constable Peter Schiemann Center, Hole Academic Centre.


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