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Master of Information Systems Assurance Management (MISAM)

By Concordia on June 13, 2012

Concordia is proud to bring a second information systems master's program to Western Canada: Master of Information Systems Assurance Management (MISAM). This program was approved and will start in September, 2012!

The need for information systems and security professionals is growing along with increasing reliance on e-business, best practices and value creation. The employer demand for information systems security professionals shows no end in sight.

The MISAM program will follow the Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s (ISACA) model curriculum. In addition, with help from the Information Systems Security Advisory Committee, the MISAM program will have a sharp focus on the needs of employers and changes in industry. 

Now Accepting Group D Courses

By Concordia on June 13, 2012

Concordia now accepts one five-credit group D subject for admission into the faculties of Arts, Science and Management. Important notes regarding Group D courses Concordia accepts include:

  • Any applicable grade 12 group D subject must be at the '3000' level
  • Career and Technology (CTS) courses must be at the advanced level
  • Any credit combination of applicable grade 12 group Subjects will be used to make up the required five-credits
  • Courses under the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) are excluded
  • Special Projects 30 is excluded

Group D is excluded for entrance scholarship calculations

Examples of group D courses

  • Physical Education 30
  • Sports Performance 35
  • Experimental Psychology 30
  • World Religions 30
  • Applied Sociology 30
  • Microeconomics 30
  • International Politics 30
  • Work Experience 35
  • Community Health Adv
  • Legal Studies Adv.
  • Foods Adv.
  • Cosmetology Adv.
  • Mechanics Adv
  • Tourism Studies Adv
  • Mgmt & Marketing Adv

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