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Book Buyback

Concordia University of Edmonton’s Book Buyback program allows you to sell your used textbooks. The program runs four times a year, during exam weeks in April, September, December and January.

How it Works

To sell back a book, it must be the current edition. If you are not sure, ask the bookstore staff to check the booklist. The appearance of the book, while important, is not the major consideration that determines how much you are offered.

We purchase books based on quotas needed for each title. If Concordia University of Edmonton has reached its quota for the book you are selling, the wholesaler may offer you a percentage and ship the book to where it is needed.

Get Money Back

Different books sell for different amounts of money. The price you will get is based on campus demand or demand at other colleges and universities in North America. We will tell you what your book it worth once you bring it to the Buyback location. Generally you will receive up to 30% of the original price.