Behavioral Support and Intervention Team (BSIT)

Campus Safety

For emergencies that need immediate attention, call 911 and then Security at 780-479-8761 or ext.5555 from an internal phone.

Concordia’s Behavioral Support and Intervention Team (BSIT) was formed to help students, faculty and staff identify people in the Concordia community who exhibit behaviors that could endanger themselves or those around them. Modeled after existing teams throughout North American secondary and post-secondary institutions, Concordia's BSIT are a team of professionals is trained to respond appropriately to difficult situations.

Submit an Incident Report, when you witness behavior is disruptive or concerning. Early intervention helps BSIT be proactive and take steps to intervene when people need help.All reports are treated confidentially and can be submitted anonymously.

Behavioral Support and Intervention Team Members:

Barb van Ingen 780-479-9289

Andrew Sterne 780-479-9311

Margie Schoepp 780-479-9226

Crystal Hamilton 780-479-9223














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