Advisory to Concordia Students’ Association

All students in undergraduate-level university programs are members of the Concordia Students’ Association (CSA), which is governed by its constitution. In the Spring and Fall of each year, association members elect the governing Executive and General Councils. Students are an important part of the decision-making process at Concordia.The CSA President serves as an advisory member on the Board of Governors. The CSA appoints representatives to serve as voting members of the Student Life Committee, which evaluates and develops policies for the improvement of student life on campus, and the Education Policies Committee, which guides the development and improvement of Concordia’s academic program.

Students are also appointed to sit on the Advisory Committee on Harassment, building committees, and other ad hoc policy development committees.The CSA hears student needs and concerns, and advocates for student rights to the administration of Concordia as well as all levels of government. The CSA also plans events such as the Winter Formal, Graduation Banquet, Reading Week Mission Trip, and other events throughout the year.

The Dean of Students serves as advisor to the Concordia Students' Association Executive and General Councils.

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