Math Kangaroo Contest and Clubs at Concordia

Math Clubs

Edmonton Math Kangaroo Clubs offer math enrichment classes that usually run from October to March. For additional information, please visit Edmonton Math Kangaroo Website

Purpose of Math Clubs

The Math Clubs offer non-competitive mathematics enrichment classes associated with the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest. The materials used in the clubs are derived from topics that are explored in the contest. The purpose of the clubs is to allow students to explore and expand their knowledge of math using different techniques taught by instructors. The skills students learn can be applied in the regular classroom and various contests. The Math Kangaroo Clubs provide an inclusive environment for all levels of students. 

The levels correspond to the school grade student(s) are currently in for the year. 

Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

The Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest (CMKC) is an annual international competition Mathematical Kangaroo for grades one through twelve. Concordia University of Edmonton is hosting this competition. 

For more details and registration, please visit Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest​ Website

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