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Transfer Credits

International students may receive transfer credits from Concordia University of Edmonton for courses completed at other recognized colleges or universities. We want to ensure that students do not repeat coursework unnecessarily.

To evaluate transfer credit for coursework completed outside Canada, the international student typically needs to submit a transcript with a marking scale and detailed course descriptions/syllabi containing the following:

  • Topics covered in class
  • Language of instruction
  • Total number of hours per lecture, laboratory, and seminar
  • Textbook(s) used
  • Qualifications of professor
  • A marking scale including the minimum passing and failing grades

Course descriptions must reflect the course content covered in the year the applicant completed the course. Concordia University of Edmonton will accept course outlines sent directly from the international student applicant or from the individual post-secondary institution(s). Course outlines that are not in English or French must be translated before being submitted to Concordia University of Edmonton.

It is the international student applicant’s responsibility to provide Concordia University of Edmonton with course syllabi. Transfer credit is not automatically granted and must be reviewed by prospective academic departments. Only transferable university-credit courses from accredited institutions (by Canadian standards) will be considered.