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Master of Information Systems Security Management

Requirements for Master of Information Systems Security Management

  1. An undergraduate degree from a recognized educational institution: normally a four-year Bachelor’s degree (preferably in business, engineering or computing science).
  2. An admission grade point average (AGPA) of at least 3.0 (on Concordia’s 4-point scale) or equivalent on the most recently completed 60 credits.
  3. A security clearance.
  4. Demonstrated fulfillment of Concordia’s English Language Requirement.
  5. A minimum grade of 3.0 on a general Network Technology course and 3.0 on an Operating Systems course or equivalent knowledge.
  6. Students who graduated from the After-Degree Diploma in Information Systems Security (ADDISS) Program may apply.  Special conditions apply.

To Apply: click here.

Typical Application Suggested Application Timeframe

To be able to register in the Master of Information Systems Security Management program applicants need to be offered admission into the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This will occur only after these steps:

  1. Applicants apply online. An application fee is charged and can be paid at the end of the online application process.
  2. Transcripts should be addressed to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at this address. Once complete, a copy of the applicant file is then sent to the program area.
  3. Applicants may be recommended by the Faculty of Professional Education to Graduate Studies.
  4. Graduate Studies will not process any application that does not include original transcripts sent directly from the institutions the applicant attended to Concordia Graduate Studies.
  5. Once accepted, applicants will be asked to pay a deposit ($400 for residents and $2500 for international students).  Once students are admitted, the deposit is used as a credit towards tuition fees.
  6. For international students, the above deposit is needed before a letter can be issued by Graduate Studies for application for a study permit for the program. To check the visa/study permit processing times click here.
  7. For international students, obtaining the study permit is the last step and may take 10-12 weeks and depends on the zone the applicant is from.  Approval of the study permit is not something Concordia controls as the Dean of Graduate Studies can only issue the acceptance letter stating the deposit has been paid (i.e. $2,500 in step 6 above).  If the application for a study permit is denied, the deposit paid above will be returned once Concordia receives the original letter of denial.

Given the above, these are the suggested time frames:

International applicants (or applicants who attended international universities) need to apply approximately five months prior to the term they wish to start. This allows for up to two months for steps 1-6 and three months for processing of a student visa/study permit (step 7).  Note that some of these steps maybe shorter for some applicants. For example, renewing a student visa takes a much shorter time than obtaining a new one. In addition, some countries of origin have longer processing requirements than others.

Important: You may only register in courses after being accepted into Graduate Studies (which means all of the steps above have occurred). Registering in courses is the only way to ensure your seat in the program is reserved.

Graduation Requirements

Students will convocate in the Spring Convocation following completion of their practicum/research or research project experience.

For more information, call Ron Ruhl, the program director at 413-7822 or toll free at 1-866-479-5200.

For Graduate Studies information contact:

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Concordia University of Edmonton
7128 Ada Boulevard
Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4E4
Fax: (780) 474-1933    Phone: (780) 479-9314

Email: gradstudies@concordia.ab.ca