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Security Training

Active Shooter Response Education

Students, Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend one of the Active Shooter Response training sessions. Participants are welcome to bring lunch.

Active Shooter Response Training:
September 11 at 12:00 in HA015
September 15 at 12:00 in HA015
September 27 at 12:00 in HA015
September 29 at 12:00 in HA017

Active Shooter Response Drill:
September 20

Active Shooter Response Drills

Concordia University of Edmonton takes the safety and security of its stakeholders seriously. We conduct Active Shooter Response drills which include all people on campus, students, faculty, staff, contractors and any guests.

Even though it is extremely unlikely that any of us will ever face such a tragedy, we are firmly committed to being prepared, so that if the unthinkable happens, anywhere, we all will have a better response.

The drill is optional. If you do not want to participate you can go to G303, our opt-out room.

Fire Drills

Fire Evacuation Training:
September 18 at 12:00 in HA017
September 22 at 12:00 in HA015

Fire Drills:  
Main Campus September 25
RKAC September 26

For more information please contact Andrew Sterne, Director Custodial and Security Services on 1-780-499-0151