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Articles Under Negotiation

Shortly after the commencement of bargaining, opening proposals were exchanged. Articles from the existing Collective Agreement to be negotiated were presented by both parties and included:

Proposed by the CUEFA Proposed by CUE Article Title
X X Preamble & definitions
X X Academic freedom
X X Recognition, representation, and association dues
X Strikes & lockouts
X Employer rights
X Association rights
X X Initial appointments
X X Member’s rights, responsibilities, and workload
X Chair workload
X Faculty complement
X X Ranks and categories of faculty appointments
X Student course opinion surveys and their administration
X X Annual evaluation – faculty
X X Advancement in rank
X Re-entry of administrators
X X Discipline
X X Non-discrimination and harassment
X X Retirement
X X Faculty member salary and benefits
X X Vacation and stat holidays
X Medical leave
X Leaves of absence
X X Sabbaticals
X Travel at the request of the employer
X X Effective date
X X Reduction in force
X X Grievance and arbitration
X X Official file
X Professional librarians
X Field experience coordinators
X Laboratory instructors
X Annual Review: Professional Librarians, FXP Coordinators, Laboratory Instructors
X Appendices